Creative Reflection and Writing Resource

If you are seeking to get started on your own reflective journey, here are some kick-start ideas you may wish to consider:

• Remember that thinking creatively and imaginatively is in some ways a skill like any other; the more you practice the skill, the more natural it will feel. Don’t be afraid to begin dabbling right away! A little at a time will go a long way.

• Identify root causes and fundamental relationships among aspects of your life and among your own concepts of reality. Once you have identified fundamental relationships, tinker with those ideas; question them and toy with the variables of your thoughts. Produce entirely new alternate views and outcomes.

• Be sensitive to emotions during reflection. Emotion is a key component of our mental constructs; some of our strongest memories and lessons learned in life are often cemented by emotion. Tinker with the fundamental relationships in these mental constructs, especially, and you may find that you are able to release yourself from emotional bondage and set sail for new joyful adventures.

• Develop a habit of putting your imaginative ideas into written words. Capturing ideas in writing is a skill that naturally strengthens and grows over time. Oftentimes your ideas are further expanded and clarified through the act of consciously honing in on the exact nuances that you wish to convey.

• Once you’ve had a great experience with reflective thinking and creative writing, you will likely want to repeat that experience again and again! Embrace the ebbs and flows of creative spark that your daily life will naturally foster.

Ideas for Expanding Your Horizons

Explore the library to further your creative spark and broaden your appreciation for life:

• The Library Stroll: Freely stroll the aisles of the library without any particular goal in mind. Allow yourself to discover new ideas, resources and imaginative works. You may find that you happen upon a variety of delightful ideas that begin to shape and inspire your life in new and rewarding ways.

• The Random Read: Dive into something completely new to you. Simply choose at random any book off the shelf and flip to a random page in the book. Begin reading for at least a few pages; you will find that immediately you are taken into the midst of a fanciful plot and a dynamic drama. The random read plunges you into the action and gives you an immediate taste of something exciting and adventurous. Who knows, maybe this random book you picked up will end up going home with you!

• Ask a Librarian: Quickly, and almost magically, be guided to whole new worlds, both real and imagined, which you may never otherwise discover. Thank you, librarians, for all that you do!


Finding Artwork that Represents Your Ideas

Visit, to find a variety of clip art creations. Public Domain clipart in Mind Trip and on the Mind Trip Companion Site are courtesy of

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Seeking assistance in reviewing your work?

You may request feedback on creative written works. If you are in the process of producing your own creative works and would like to request feedback, send us a message via the Contact page, and we will send you instructions for how to do so. $10 suggested donation per review piece, to support staff time dedicated to reviewing. You may request feedback on your work, for any purpose!

More Resources to Come!

If you have a resource idea to recommend, please let us know!