Recommended Audiences

student-2400px Students – an intimate view into the mind of a peer, exposing both sources of vitality and elements of human frailty.

nerd-2400px Educators – food for thought via interaction with creative ideas for liberation in the face of life’s struggles and ideas for empowerment in the search for personal fulfillment.

Mother-And-Child-Giraffe-Silhouette-Variation-2-2400px Parents – better support college students in their journey of self-definition, by providing a detailed and vulnerable look into one student’s creative experience.

School-counselor-icon-2400px Mental health counselors – gain a peek into the creativity, playful ideas and the sensitivity of an earnest and searching soul.

beertje-2400px Support group leaders – learn first-hand how thoughtful reflection and creative writing can be the key to revitalizing, successful self-definition. Specific support group related topics include illness, relationships, family issues, bereavement, academic stress, finding balance, and social issues.

Blonde-red-dress-2400pxCreative writing class instructors – a detailed view into one student’s principles of embracing reading and writing as a larger part of one’s life, as well as built-in group discussion questions and creative writing prompts.

girl-standing-2400px wsnaccad-happy-erap-2400pxStudent body leaders – an insightful view into the path and process of cognitive development and personal explorations that often occur during one’s college experiences.

Cartoon-Woman-With-Glasses-2400px Role models – creative solutions to the general struggles and search for joy in the conundrum of our cognitive existence.

Artista-2400pxCreative minds who enjoy reading – an enjoyable and entertaining read, filled with creativity, playful ideas and the sensitivity of an earnest and searching soul.

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