Creative Writing Prompts

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Why I Exist

Becoming Pluralistic

The Universe Perceiving Itself

Avoiding Life’s Nightmares

Growing through Slumber

From Her Perspective

The Transience of Life

Appreciating Dynamic Transience

The Resilience of Life

The Fundamentals for Good Living

Finding My Own Legitimacy

Thoughtful Parenting

Responding to the Inevitability of Degeneration and Death

The Cyclical Diaspora of Family Bonds

Recognizing Mental Programming

A Confucian Bubble

Reopening My Heart to the Splendor of Beauty

Remembering the Good Things

The Limitless Potential of Stories

The Zealous Sandman

Gratitude to My Mother

Video Games Coming to Life

A Human Being Who Reads

Anything is Possible

My Pain is My Humanity

Thinking in Many Minds

Character Shaped by Religion

Learning Tools

A Part of Human History

Delighting in the Infinite Spectrum of Possibility

A Product of Influences

The Preservation of a Strong Man and the Fading of a Fool

Dreams of a Better Life in a Changing World

Becoming a Skilled Communicator

Two Lives Intertwined as One

The Challenge of Preservation

A Member of Society

Living as the Breeze Blows

A Healing Heart

No Definitive Answers

The Vast Treasures of Life

A Balanced Life

A Happy Heart and a Loving Life

Combining Two Wishes

Appreciating the Life You Have

Emulating Virtues of Past Acquaintances

Searching for a Brilliant, Beautiful and Bold Woman

Efforts to Attract a Mate

Waiting for the Right Time

Riding the Tides of Life

Playing with Dolls

A Human Need for Love

Freedom to Learn from Choices

Fretting over Sexual Compatibility

A Prediction of a Bright and Beautiful Future

The Friendship Cost of Narrow-mindedness

Remembering the Importance of Loving People

Letting Go of the Past

Possibility-Expanding Stories

Staying Close to Home

My Shared Humanity

Hope for Rewarding Relationships

An Adolescent Looking for Love and Hope

A Moral Analysis of My Reflective Pursuits

Held Accountable by Preserved Writing

Settling for a Literary Life

Life on a Page and Life in the Flesh

Shaped to be an Angel

Making Sense of Life

Sand into Pearls

Sentimental Objects

Youthful Contemplation of Sexuality

Writing: My Teddy Bear

Liberation and Empowerment found in Written Legacies

The Wisdom of Books

Hushing the Demons of My Heart

Inspiration from a Classic Film

Playing the Part

Complementary Life Investments

Appreciating Language and Culture

Realizing the True Value of Books

Areas of Focus for a Ten-Year Plan

A Fondness of Love, an Addiction to Writing

A Reflection of the Human Experience

Seeing Beyond My Own Life

A Prediction of Prosperity, Productivity and Stability

Avoiding Self-imposed Forced Productivity

Shimmering Expressions of Infinity