Our Philosophy

The Mind Trip Companion Site encourages people to think critically about their lives, worldview and values, and aims to inspire people with the courage to approach their personal struggles with greater creativity. We especially encourage out-of-the-box thinking, contemplative reflecting, avid reading and creative writing as a means to approach one’s personal struggles.


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About the Mind Trip book

What might you discover through reading Mind Trip?:

  • A view into the internal struggles of a young student coming to terms with life
  • An invitation to retrace the path of a free mind trying to find understanding
  • The creativity of a playful writer who seeks to liberate himself through ideas
  • A unique look into the emotions, concerns and dreams of a searching soul
  • Inspiration to go down your own path of reflection, creativity and discovery

About the Mind Trip Companion Site

We seek to inspire and facilitate a creative experience for our visitors. We provide encouragement and resources to aid in reflecting, thinking creatively, writing and liberating oneself from one’s own preconceptions. Visitors may submit their own content for potential display on our site. We plan to offer a scholarship made available competitively, via an annual creative writing contest. 10% of all sale profits are donated towards the development of our annual Creative Writing Scholarship Contest.

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Community pages:

Based on Mind Trip book features – share ideas and interact with other readers!

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About the Author

Rumin published Mind Trip with the hope of helping others to more greatly empathize with one another, more fully appreciate their own unique potential and to help spark creativity and inspire the liberation of minds.

Rumin also developed the Mind Trip Companion Site, including a variety of participatory features and opportunities, with the goal of helping to promote creative thought and writing.

By donating his personal time, energy, as well as a portion of all book sale profits, Rumin is founding an annual Mind Trip Creative Writing Scholarship Contest.

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